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Kitty Character Sheets

Post by Void on Mon Mar 30, 2015 9:49 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basics: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Rena Blackheart
Nicknames/alias: Shadow Witch, Shadow
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Birthday: September 17th
Nationality: Russian-American
Species: Superhuman
Orientations: Straight
Relationship Status: Single/Widowed
-Darkness Manipulation
---“User can create, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows. By itself, darkness is mostly used to cloud everything into total darkness, but by accessing a dimension of dark energy it can be channeled to a variety of effects, both as an absence of light and a solid substance: one can also control and manipulate the beings that exist there, create and dispel shields and areas of total darkness, create constructs and weapons, teleport one's self through massive distances via shadows, etc.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Appearance: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Height: 5’6”, 5’10” in her signature heels
Weight: 130 lbs.
Body Type: Athletic, well toned, C cup
Hair Color and Style: Dyed black, long, usually kept in a low braid or high ponytail
Eye Color: Brilliant Blue
Skin Color: Pale
Scars/Distinguishing Marks:
-Multiple bullet wounds in her shoulders, legs, and one on her torso
-Stab wounds in her abdomen, arms, and thighs
-A large burn covering her right shoulder
Piercings: Ears, Industrial in her left ear
Noticeable Features: Her eyes, and her usual lack of smile; she gives off an air of superiority

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Personality: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Personality Traits: Confident, quiet, patient, independent, calm and calculated, logical, gets annoyed easily (is sharp-tongued when that happens)
Likes: Training with knives, graveyards, night walks, her motorcycle
Dislikes: People to talk too much, slow drivers, summer
Talents: Is extremely talented with knives, sharp shooter, auto mechanics
Skills: Hand to hand combat, tracking, advanced surveillance, lock picking
Hobbies: Training in hand to hand, and with her knives and guns
Habits: Often over works herself, rarely rests, often forgets to eat
Fears: Dying, her child finding out who she really is
Weakness: She has a slight aversion to blood. She has gotten a lot better, the color now doing nothing to her, and the smell being the only thing that really gets to her. For this reason, she often goes into battles in a handmade half mask that covers her nose and mouth.
Strengths: Stealthy, quick both physically and mentally, is a ‘Darkness Manipulation’ master
Pet Peeves: People talking down to her, know-it-alls.
Ambitions: Wants to rid the world of as many deadly or horrible individuals as possible so her son can live in a perfect world. She would eventually like to retire to some small town in Russia.
Favorite Food: White rice with soy sauce
Other quirks: Can tell when someone is lying, has learned to ‘turn off’ her pain receptors temporarily and when necessary
Dress Style: Her usual outfit is some sort of black tank top or long sleeved shirt, black skinny jeans, and her signature black high heeled boots and black leather jacket, and a pair of black leather fingerless gloves. She has a weapons belt that hangs low on her hips, a knife sheath on her right leg, and her double gun shoulder holster. She is never without her weapons. She also wears a half mask (usually worn for her jobs or to go into public) that she handmade—it’s made out of solid black thermoplastic with a large red X painted onto it; it has tiny holes all over it so she can breathe.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Life: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Current Location: New York City
Current Residence: A two bedroom luxury suite that she shares with Ace while they try to keep themselves under the radar for the protection of those they love. It’s decorated in black and white with red accents.
Reputation(s): “The Shadow Witch”- This name was given to her by the boss that Ace—and now her—work for. It stuck, and their rivals know her as such. There have been multiple tales spreading across the world about ‘The Shadow Witch and the Demon’ (Ace jokes frequently that they should write a book).
Main Occupation: Contract Killer
Cover Occupation: None
Crimes Committed: Too many counts of murder to name, speeding, numerous traffic violations, breaking and entering, theft, car jacking, possession of an illegal weapon
Crimes Convicted: None
Weapon of Choice: A pair of solid black MSS VULs (PSS Silent Pistols)
Group/personal affiliations:
-Ace/Mafia: She met him through her rival gang’s leader (his sister), and after the gang war that ensued between the ZCity gangs and the Mafia, the two went into hiding to all aside from the Mafia Ace worked for. They gave her a job, and she’s now friends and partners with him. They have a casual fwb relationship.
-Nyx/Erebus: The third in command in the Shadows gang, and her second in command once their leader passed. She loves her like a sister, and feels as if she owes her life to her for taking care of her son, Cain, when she went M.I.A.
-Naoko: The rival leader of the Blazer gang, and Ace’s sister. She has a high respect but a deep hatred of her, one of the reasons that her and Ace aren’t in an actual relationship. Naoko was also forced into hiding with Ace and Rena, however she refused the job the Mafia gave to Rena due to their feud.  
Favorite Places: Graveyards and literally nowhere else.
Best Friends: Ace.
Pets: None
Siblings: None
Parents: Deceased

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Background: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Childhood: Rena grew up with her father, her mother having died in childbirth. The loss of his wife impacted her father in a dark way, and he turned from the loving man that her mother married to a cynical, angry drunk. Rena was often locked in her room and abandoned for days on end, leaving her with a burning hatred of him.

Teenhood: When the phenomena that changed ZCity hit, Rena had been in her room, glowering in the dark as she scribbled poems about her hatred for her father. The surroundings influenced the change, and she ended up being able to command the shadows around her to form weapons.

She was seventeen when she found out just how powerful this could be. It was a day that her father had opened the door to hand her the first plate of food she had seen in days. The anger that had been welling up inside of her lashed out in the form of a sharpened shadow ‘shiv’ that formed and stabbed him through the heart. Rena passed out from the blood, and woke up a day later, weak and sick, however she knew she had to get out of there before someone came to investigate.

Taking off into the night, she found a graveyard with a man who completely control shadows and darkness. He helped her train and hone her skill, and she stuck by him as his second in command.

Adulthood: In the years that she had been with the gang that the man, Skyler, had formed—the Shadows—, Rena had found herself growing fond of her leader. The two eventually married and bore a child, a selfish want from him, but a wish of hers.

Finding out that she had been used, Rena got angered, thinking back to her father who didn’t care about her, and who only used her for the money that he got from the government for being a single father, and she snapped.

The next thing she knew, Skyler was lying dead on the ground and she was covered in his blood. She hadn’t simply stabbed him once, she had wailed at him until her arms were weak and he was left with forty seven stab wounds. Rena sat next to him for a day and a half before she finally got up and found that killing him hadn’t only left her as the leader, but she had gained his powers.
Rena led the Shadows, with Nyx and Erebus as her second in command, for a year before the war between the Mafia and the ZCity gangs broke out. She ended up captured by the Mafia’s boss, Al, and it was then that she was given a choice—either go into hiding and become one of his second contract killer along side Ace, or watch everyone she loved die before she herself would be killed. Taking his offer, she dressed up a badly burned woman in her leather jacket and took off without a word to Nyx or anyone else.

Present: Rena is hiding out in New York. She lives in an apartment with Ace, her partner and best friend. She took a job as a contract killer as his partner for the mob boss that he works for. She enjoys her job, and if she isn’t out on a job, then she is at the gym training, or she can be found in her room, cleaning and sharpening her knives as well as practicing her darkness manipulation. She rarely goes out, and if she does, then she wears her half mask in case someone sees her that knew her from anytime before in her life.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fun Facts: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

• She has a mild form of schizophrenia where she often experiences auditory hallucinations. The voice is always that of Skyler’s, her late husband and former leader of the Shadows. The voice is hardly ever pleased with her, and rarely kind, and it is one of the reasons she over works herself.

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